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Ever think about something in the past?  Maybe it was not so positive or maybe it was.  From my experience  though it seems that the memories that are more negative  seem easier to dwell upon.  I think that this is the minds survival mode.

So maybe you had an experience with lets just say, a common easy one, like; old boyfriend, girlfriend,  relationship of some kind and it didn’t end very well for whatever reason. We have all had these experiences, so in your subconscious it is stored. The sub-conscious records every thought that has extreme emotion attached to it.  Sorrow, heart ache, betrayal, etc…

Well- this is your survival mode.  You try to think of the good times but, here POPS up the bad!  The thing is this; maybe it happened like 20 years ago and its like reliving the past, which doesn’t exist anymore, only in your subconscious mind. Why would you want to go there again?  Most don’t.

Okay so you have moved on to a new relationship whole different scenario.  But there may be a little trigger of some sort that brings you back to that place in time that you thought you had put behind you and then you start dwelling on that and begin those feelings all over again, those icky feelings, which totally changes what ever mood you were in and creates the possible scenario that, that could happen again.  Brings you to a negative vibrations creates, worry, anxiety and scenarios that have not happened at this moment in time.

I’ve learned to stop those thoughts from even taking anchor by gaining experience in meditative techniques.  When you start a meditation practice at first you really begin to see how these thoughts are just flowing constantly. There are so many just flooding your mind and some aren’t really anything and don’t amount to squat. It’s like where did that come from? What type of emotion is attached to that and why?

Learning to control your thoughts is actually a total blessing!   It takes  5 to 10 mins a day to just focus on your breathing sometimes I do this thru out the day just to center myself. I personally like guided meditations, the right voice can help me focus and rid myself of annoying mind chatter.  It’s actually refreshing to do this.  Practicing this can be done any where anytime just focus on your breathing and become aware of the “here and now” try not to pass judgement or any type of negative criticism on the given moment. That is all any of us really have is this “moment”.  Just take life moment by moment.

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness it not only helps our minds but also our bodies and the smallest created mindful habit done routinely can make a big change.  Training in brief mindfulness can keep you at peace and attentive on the current time “here and now” whatever the task is at hand.



November 6, 2018

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