Spirit-ism verses Spiritualism

I’m glad I choose this article to research. It gives me a little more understanding with the belief that I was raised with. Which actually I must believe something else, plus this?

Wikipedia states the spiritualistic origins beliefs, date back to the 19th century brought about by a French educator “Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail” Aka “Allan Kardec” I wonder if “hippy” is derived from his name. He was sort of going against the status Quo, Christianity and such. It is the proposed study of the nature of origin and the destiny of spirits and their relation to the mortal world.

Spiritism and spiritualism are, I believe basically the same. Although referring to it as a religion is a bit much. My personal opinion I don’t think it’s a religion. Some may treat it as that you can be religious about anything. I think at some point we all have had experiences with these spirits, loved ones that have passed on. I know I have. So I will share some of my experiences.

At my grandmothers, which I would stay quite often, sometimes a ghostly pioneer woman figure could be seen in the dining room which always frightened me. One evening around 11:30 pm I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt scared I woke up my grandmother and told her there was someone in the dining room my age ,about seven. Grandma took my hand and We proceeded to her rocking chair. She put me on her lap and we together watched as this pioneer women who just stood there. She seemed to be oblivious to us, just standing there as if waiting for something or someone. Grandma said she was harmless, it’s not the dead you need to fear they can’t hurt you it’s the living you have to worry about.

Back when I was nine I lost my little sister. I was always worried about her after the funeral. Being a small child didn’t quite understand the meaning of death even when I looked at her in the casket it seemed as though she was just sleeping. At that time in my life I began to understand that we are not forever. Within three days of her passing, I had a dream that was so realistic that to this day I can still remember, vividly.

She came to me as I was weeping in this dream holding the hand of someone who was glowing white. She was beaming and reassured me not to worry that she was okay. I woke up crying but was happy to know she was fine. I was not allowed to speak of this in my house, only to my grandmother whom believed me and smiled telling me that she was in the place we all originated from. I love my grandma I’ve learned so much from her throughout my life and I miss her!  We spent many days discussing card readings, spirit guides, pendulums, out of body experiences; dream interpretations and intuition.

My grandmother passed when I was about 31. She was a big part of my childhood and my young adult years.  I didnt see her three days after she passed.  Months later she came to me in a dream and warned me of my husband at that time. His unfaithfulness, that a storm was coming and that even tho I would feel alone, I was not, that it would be for the best. 

 In the dream I was whisked away on an island in a storm it was dark.  I was crying so hard trying to pick up scattered pieces of something that had been broke. I couldn’t get all the pieces! It’s was so dark and cold!  I  could only see glimmers of  whatever had been shattered when the lightening flashed. I was so upset!!  Grandma said, “just leave it! you don’t need those”.  I woke up not really knowing what to think.  I was still upset but things began to unfold within that month.  I had been naive.  I was being forced to leave my home and was kinda in a weird situation. Having been married for many years lived in my home for many years. The children and I were being replaced, I was not sure what to do. 

 I then had my grandfather visit me who had passed away when I was about 25 and once again I was in a storm severe winds, darkness trying to get up these stairs that I could not see. He appeared at the top of the stairs and told me take the first step even tho you can’t see. “You have to have “faith” because the stairs are there”. I woke up feeling empowered by this and began my transition into my new chapter, in a new location, things just fell into place. I had faith that everything was going to work out and that, “all was, as it should be”. I’d been never happier!! It was the best thing that ever happened to me!!

My best friend passed away about 10 years ago. It was so devastating to me! But within three days of her passing she came to me in a dream. I was in place of warmth field of flowers, she greeted me with a smile we walked with our arms linked on this path. Once again I had been reassured about the other realm which was peaceful and there was this joy of love everywhere.  The air was so warm with the scent of flowers, the colors vibrant. She was extremely happy!!  And told me that I needed a room that was 10′ x 14′ to make money. I think she wanted me to start a coffee stand.?  To this day I still wonder. She was the “social one”, I was the “introvert”.  The sweetest serving person to all who crossed her path! Her famous words were: “Go Play, Enjoy your Life”.

I’ve had animals follow me for three days after their passing. Always seeing them out of the corner of my eye. I’m not for certain what the “three days” thing is about? I have no clue. I just know that almost every loved one that has left comes about within three days. 

 My Father came while my daughter and I were preparing dinner. We had gotten together to mourn and celbrate his life.  As we were preparing food for the guests; suddenly, the water in the kitchen sink came on and both myself and my daughter  turned around and looked at the sink cause neither one of us were by the sink. She said, “grandpa john” at the same time, I said, “Dad”?  That was the first thing that came to our minds. He used to love our get togethers and this one was without him or was it? We both got goosebumps!!  It was within the third day after his death.

In conclusion, I believe that there is a connection to the spiritual realm. Now whether you can just access this, I don’t know. Some say they can. I’ve never tried, but I’d be willing to check it out. I haven’t heard from anyone for quite some time.  Although their names pop up here and there.   So I’m not quite certain what that’s all about. 

October 31, 2018

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