One Word…..

As the saying goes, I’m not sure who said it someone….

Words are like seeds one seed can be a beautiful flower or a weed, which all weeds are not bad, but-you know one seed can ruin a beautiful garden, well not ruin but cause extra work.

One word is all it takes to ruin a business deal, relationship, friendship, idea etc… Words are interesting and even if there is no feeling behind a word, depending on how it is used it can make or break anything.People can get offended by like calling your children-“kids’…. That’s funny. Cause “kids” are baby goats. Children are not goats of course. And where that came from people calling their children “kids” is universal except for a few, very few, whom I believe are just being “self-righteous”.But that’s just an example and where that came from. I don’t really remember just something I experienced somewhere long ago in my travels.

Words used in frustration or anger, and it could be only “one word” can set the mode for negativity that can cause irreversible damage to any relationship or dealings.I guess I’m still learning to choose my words wisely. I am not put on this planet to cause destruction and discord. Only here to promote peace and love, that is the most important thing in the universe. Its hard not to fall off the “It’s all good” thing, because emotions make those words flow, and sometimes not in a good way.

So heres to the universe………and whomever… Sorry about that. Next time I will control my emotions and choose my words wisely and be more encouraging and uplifting.

October 16, 2018

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