Meditation Music

Something that I’ve been experimenting with over the last 2 years.  I’ve found that it has been extremely helpful in controlling my thoughts, emotions promoting relaxation a a more fulfilling sleep.

It allows me to receive messages from the universe, the divines, spirit guides and angels, (whatever you want to call them),  for myself and a few others, which was a little alarming at first and a whole other story actually.

Relieves stress and helps control fear based realities that do not even exist.  Puts the mind in check creating more positive outcome instead of “gloom and doom”.  I try to avoid; card readers, astrologists and physics that create fear based readings so that you just keep coming back. But here’s the deal……There is actually nothing to fear in any given situation, insight however is always welcome.  It is all going to be how you make it, whatever you focus on and it is, going to be okay.  All of it.


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Guided Meditations

Are the best I’ve found for myself when I first started this journey of enlightenment and inner peace. I needed someone to take me there. I think it’s different for everyone and if something works, then do that.  Finding that voice that is soothing can be difficult, but I’ve done the rounds and have discovered a few that are perfect for me.  The right music and frequency can promote peace, clarity., love and insight.

These days I try not to listen to others music because the words and feelings attached from that particular artist can reflect in your subconscious and I do not want to make them mine. I have my own feelings, emotions I have to deal with I do not need anyone else’s.

If it is “happy” and about “love” then, I’m in.   Anything about “I lost my love, depressing, killing, hate” I’m out. I do not want that in my subconscious or mind.  I cant even watch the news! It’s so negative and the feeling that is attached is; frustration, anger, no control, basically just got to sit and let it happen.  But this is not about that, “news”. That’s just an example of input that I have to avoid at this time for myself.

Music is a voice in its “self” and is universal.  Sounds collaborated together is a gift from the divines! (in my opinion) So….. find a spare moment, get comfy, focus on your breathing and let the music take you away!  Please feel free to leave comments and experiences.  I’m curious if its just me being different.