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I was too. We all have those moments where we are looking for something that is satisfying and makes us feel complete to be able to connect with people and help people. 

This was my desire.  I began to research life coaching as a possible side occupation which would satisfy my need to help others.  I began to research on line.  Being a “you tuber”,  I have watched several videos on promoting myself balance in this face paced time, came a crossed a woman whom I love dearly and every thing she has to say.  Low and behold she offered a life coaching certification program that would train me in this and help me start my business.

I fell into the trap! Signed up for one of the workshops or webinars to see what it was about.  They never mentioned a price so I decided that I would go a step further to figure out what this was about.  Gave my number shortly after, I received a call from, I’m assuming the one who hooks you in.  She didn’t really have a lot of information only that I was a great person and definitely was meant to be.  So, set me up with another gal who told me right off the get go we had to skip the small talk and get right to the questions they had to make sure I was a perfect fit. 

Still no talk of money but the manipulation I felt into to my dreams and heart felt feelings was almost a violation.  It was like mind play.  After several questions, she then said you are a perfect fit and told me that she was going to schedule me for a get together in LA California where they would fly me down and pay for my motel room.  I told her that I actually wanted to see if they were a perfect fit to me.  She just laughed and said of course you do. 

She then said she needed to contact another person to see if there was going to be any space for me on this journey to LA and proceeded to bring in another gal into our conversation who supposedly handled the booking for this supposedly unbelievable trip and of course they were not sure if there was going to be enough room for me and the person handling the booking would have to call back because she was busy booking another person and that the spaces were filling up fast.  So, then I was back to the other person who continued to tell me how perfect I was for this and how it would be a shame if I didn’t tap into my natural talents and dreams and that whatever negative paradigms, I had I should ignore them.   Clearly, she was pumping me up for something. 

The other gal had called back and out of 1000 seats amazingly there was one left and I guess that had my name on it. Still no talk of money.  Kept asking me, “Are you ready to continue with your life dreams”?   Anyway …. I began to feel like I was being manipulated and voiced that and then was confronted with it was my negative subconscious and I needed to override the negativity.   It became clear to me that I was in a situation where I felt like I was being scammed. 
The mind play was clearly laid out and probably is put on everyone.

So, at that point there was a gentleman brought on the phone and he was the money guy.  He wasn’t as cheery as the women and wanted to get a commitment from me right away.  I’m like How much?  What are we looking at?  So, he began to explain to me what I would be getting as far as classes, business startup videos and a ten-step dream builder program with instructors, great customer service and of course the trip to LA.  which is where I would be receiving my certification.  I’m like how much? He said 16,000.00 dollars for a certificate.  I was totally blown away.  That’s not even a degree it’s a certificate!  I said that’s a lot of money for a certificate he said obviously you’re not the kind of person we are looking for.   I instantly went from being this person who was perfect to….the brush off.

I was like…. um no.   And of course, it came back to my lack of money paradigm that I just needed to ignore.  I thought that’s ridiculous.  I told him that I needed to do some research because I hadn’t really done that and he said that’s your limiting belief program kicking in.  I’m on a limited income I told him I am not giving my limited income, I needed 24 hours to do some research before I would consider any thing.

He said that they had a basic program which would just consist of the modules basically my self no business startup classes.  I said how much he said 6665.00.  I was like what?  Just for the 10 steps modules and videos? He said, but you’ll get your certificate also in the mail no fancy trip to LA.  He was quite the salesmen.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer said if I signed up today, I would get the 665.00 off then it would just be 6000.  I said no it just seems a bit much for modules and a certificate I have decrees and I m still paying for them.  I also have certificates and most of them cost nothing to receive. 

Anyway, I proceeded to get off the phone he said I can’t give you the discount tomorrow unless you sign up today.  I said I didn’t care about the discount it was only 665.  But I dreaded the fact that if I signed, I would have been paying life mastery institute 500.00 a month for 10 months for the back of the bus. 

I told him no, I’m not signing anything.  He reassured me that I could sign today and start paying tomorrow.  I said no.  Id get back to him he said don’t call me I’ll call you.  He never called. Which I was hoping he would have.  Because I wanted to tell him I didn’t appreciate the bullying. 

They have a system to get people sucked in.  You got your fishing person who throws the line out , then you have your other person who walks you thru and gets you pumped up thinking that you can’t do this without them and any questions you have that might point towards your not interested they play mind games make you feel like your being negative. 

You ask how much and they say oh we will get to that I just need to ask you a few more questions first or you’ll be speaking to so and so about that. 

Then they have,  you know the LA trip, they get you all pumped on.  Which I was not really wanting to go I have other responsibilities. She made me feel like those didn’t matter and I did have time to arrange for my responsibilities before march.  So, they have this other person who makes it sound like, “the seats are filling up fast!”  Putting pressure on you if you wanted to go.

Anyway, point is there are other programs that offer the same thing as the life mastery institute without all the mind games to pay this ridiculous price for a life coach certification.  If you do a google search you will find a variety of coaching certifications in different things and different price tags.  It’s whatever you like!!

Happy hunting and the best of luck to you.

February 28, 2019

  • I hate that you experienced this. Scams, unfortunately are everywhere. It’s not right to do to good people trying to find a path. Glad you felt the vibes and didn’t let them take advantage of you! Xx

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