It’s A New Day…….

Yesterdays post was a bit overwhelming even for me. So I apologize for that but I do have to say I feel A little better. Just getting it off my chest and laying it out there. It’s good to do that just to get over it, review it then put it away. You never want to dwell on the past because then you are stuck there reliving that moment. Remembering is good but it’s like forgive but don’t forget because you don’t want to do that again. Never repeat.

Always take a new path, a new approach and I do believe that even horrible situations are for the good. You may not think so at the time but when it is all said and done you look back and you are like, “Wow, I’m sure glad that happened!” And that would not have happened if I was not in that horrible situation. I believe the “Universe” has a way of always looking out for us.

The thing that is wonderful about a new day is that it is the moment to start fresh, anew. And it comes every day, even every moment as you move forward, unless of course life has ended. It’s an opportunity advance with plans and dreams that feel good. Things you want to accomplish and worthy goals to work towards.

Every morning I am grateful that I am still on this beautiful planet, because you never know when the time may come when you are not. And even tho there are negatives to deal with there is very much a lot of positive that outweigh these energies. Situations can be either way, negative or positive. when there’s no positive at the moment available, Just go outside and breath the air Listen to the sounds of the birds and the bugs. If it’s winter let the snow fall on you are face and feel the crispness of the cold air. View the Snow in the sun the colors as it sparkles! Activate you are senses!

The first 15 minutes of you are morning is the right moment to set the mode for the day. If you go to bed dwelling on situations that are less pleasant, you know you are last thoughts of consciousness you will wake up still trapped in those energies. What ever they may be.

I’ve learned that clearing my mind before sleep and replacing the negative worries or thoughts with focusing on my breath and putting those things to rest. Sometimes it is a struggle, those thoughts of,” he said, she said, he did”, etc. It’s just the mind in survival mode. I shut it down! Those worrying thoughts I just let sail on by don’t pay attention or stop to dwell on them. I focus on my breath and the relaxation of my body. I like to be able to leave my subconscious mind open to what ever messages I can. So far the message that I receive is none other than “love”. Approaching every situation with the intent of kindness, gentleness and compassion.

Anyway the message thing is a whole another ball game. In another post later. For now…It’s a new day and the world is shining with “endless possibilities!”

Wake with the intention to start Anew!

October 16, 2018

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