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The main features in this article are the “body mind and spirit. What they are as individuals and what their significant connections are to one another. This is something I’ve always been passionate about and want a more detailed understanding. How balance can affect your life in either a positive or negative way, how to change your life, your belief system, the benefits of balance and the uncomplicated method of attaining this balance.


According to the dictionary (, the “body” is a physical structure, material substance, plant, animal, human. For my own comprehension however, I wanted to take it a step further. I love details and getting a better understanding beyond a basic definition seems important. All living things, plant, animal and human have physical structured  systems.

The human body consists of 12 systems. Each system has a specific function that is essential to everyday living. If you want specifics of what those functions and what they are and do, ( would be the place to go for that information. That’s a body, basically and all the systems pretty much operates automatically. Which is totally amazing!!

In religion and what seems like most religions, the body is a vessel. Is sacred and without our minds and consciousness, it would be nothing. Is fragile however and made of “dust” for lack of a better word and will return to the dust. Obviously, is a container for something.

Metaphysics ( which is very a complicated and interesting subject suggests that in the “physical reality” this is all an illusion.


We have our senses- five; vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell ( The basic function of these senses is to make sure that your immediate needs are met. The “sixth sense”, every one has this which is, esp or the ability to feel or sense when something is wrong that is maybe unseen. Due to the very faint vibration (animals got it down) it is usually stifled by the more important senses. Most humans don’t understand how to use or access this sense. The seventh sense is basically your emotions.( I think this sense may be tied to the second system of the mind, the feeling part of the mind, the sub-conscious.

System one the “conscious mind” operates fast. Looks quickly at things without focus or intent; I like, I don’t like. Only concerned with daily decisions, operations and is spontaneous. Is clearly focused on whatever you are doing at the moment without any type of reason or scrutiny. The conscious mind only governs about 5% of our life behaviors and lives in the past, present and future. Is incapable of handling loads of information and runs with your senses. The “conscious mind” is limited.

System two “sub-conscious mind” is automatic, it is the all knowing part of the brain. It helps us remember things we’ve learned and has a huge effect on how we behave in life. The subconscious mind helps us as we go thru life. We basically operate on habits that we have created and things we’ve learned from our environments. 95% of the subconscious governs your life. It takes everything literally and lives in the absolute present moment ( The subconscious is more powerful than the conscious mind. Is always awake and alert. Once we decide on any thought that is attached to an emotion it will be stored in the subconscious within an instance as useful information on ways to survive or behave.

Retraining the Sub-conscious Mind

Since we mainly operate on our sub-conscious mind which has a visual language, we have created habits that do not serve our higher purpose. Maybe we want to change them. You can reprogram your sub-conscious mind by breaking routine and by being cautious with what information you consume. Getting out of your comfort zone by experiencing new things. I prefer to stay on a positive note because I want to give good vibes and positive intent to whatever the circumstance. The sub conscious mind is unlimited. But what’s nice to know is I can just let thoughts roll by from the conscious mind and pay no attention to those that do not serve my higher purpose. We all can. I can focus… feel, think and do.(


Spirit-Ruach Soul-Nephesh

The soul or spirit is the immaterial part of the human regarded as immortal, according to the dictionary. ( There are three types of views on this subject. I had no idea that this would be complicated but apparently it is. I have been imprinted that there are three like trichotomy, however they are listed as “Body Mind and Spirit”. Maybe I’ve been misled? I do not think or feel so. I’ll continue with a blog I read that sums up the three concepts.(

Trichotomy- three parts; body-soul-spirit. Could the subconscious mind be the soul? The spirit, our higher selves?

Dichotomy- two parts; body-Spirit. This view suggests that soul and spirit are the same. Which could be interpreted as the sub-conscious mind?

Minism- suggests that the soul/spirit cannot live without the body, so basically when you die, you die and there is no heaven there are no angels, you have no soul.

After reviewing the three points, my conclusion is that the mind (sub-conscious) is the soul. Not our automatic thinking system the conscious mind. I’m not a theologian but my intellect tells me that the comparisons of soul and subconscious are one of the same. The soul is the “heart of the mind” the subconscious mind. The spirit is our higher selves and the conscious mind is our automatic thinking system, part of the body.


In conclusion, I have to add that I actually have learned a lot in my research. It was a little confusing at times but it’s good to know the other points of view and what this all could mean. Most importantly, the information that I obtained is that you can retrain the subconscious mind, your reality, by visualization. We are creators and if we control our input into our subconscious with an intention to every thing we do. We have a choice not to go thru life on autopilot or in survival mode. Becoming aware of our feelings, “why do I feel this way”?, and stepping out of our comfort zones, experiencing new and exciting things.

We have control over all of this and can use our conscious mind to access our subconscious. You can learn thru images that you can embed in your sub-conscious. Rid yourself of the mind and come to your senses, break mind control and create an environment that is positive and let love guide you and not fear.( I love infinite waters!!

October 16, 2018

  • Interesting to read about how our souls and sub-conscious might be the same thing. Thank you for sharing this and your thoughts.

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