About Dyce….


My story begins at an early age.   Being raised by a “spiritualist” has prompted me to look at things differently through out my entire life.  I never fit in as a child into any group and I still don’t.   My insights were always to protect and save life no matter how small.  Whether it was a bug or a flower, we all have a purpose and that life was precious on every level.

We are not “color” but beings of light, energy all connected.  Energy is all around us and is us.   It was not until I became older that I realized that staying connected to source was a little harder than when I was a child.  It seemed easier when I was a child and I could feel the unconditional  love,  just by daydreaming in my favorite tree.  Which I did quite often.

The distractions that come when you are an adult; kids, work, housekeeping etc…. these seem to take and anchor you into the physical realm.  The “would of, could of, should of’s” just flood your mind.  I  usually found time at night to bring inner peace thru a series of meditative techniques for renewal, direction and connecting with source. It wasn’t til a year ago that I figured out I could control my thoughts and focus on the “right now”  because, basically the past doesn’t exist and well, tomorrow isn’t here yet and basically I just have right here and now.  this moment. just like everyone else.  But I don’t think most realize this?

Now that the children are all grown up, and as a Grandparent of 10, life seems to still have its ups, downs and diversions. I find a longing in myself to seek out that which I cannot see but have always felt.   Inner peace and guidance seem to be my driving force these days and is stronger than ever.  So I seek out those like myself to confirm that I am not just a dreamer with a mental condition.  And that what I have witnessed is not in my head.

I’m hoping that some of my experience and techniques in meditation, as well as survival tips can be shared and passed along.  Also here to learn from others and to hear their experiences as well.