Today is anew day.  I walked forward into the light of the universe.   In my seclusion I seek refuge from that of the society that seems to be in a state of disarray.  I will not be blinded but aware of my surroundings looking for signs to lead and direct me on my journey into the unseen which I have always been aware since my younger days.   A force, energy that guides me, protects me from the traps and pit falls also from decisions I have made none of which are bad but the energies that soothes the wounds loving hands so to speak surround with light a universal light warm and soft comforting.  Even when I had forgotten about them they were always there.   Becoming aware is the greatest gift of all and I am thankful and my gratitude is huge for this awareness that has brought me closer to the divine universal light in which I have dabbled here and there.

I have been brought here in this seclusion for contemplation of what exactly am I supposed to being doing.  Service seems to be the greatest of all but I am introvert and forceful, controlling to those who know me pushing the “right thing to do” and try to change these things myself for others in which I cannot do.  As someone once said “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.   “All” is on their own journey.

So, I release the control to the universal energies and only sow the seeds.   As a catalyst I will direct only what is given to me and when the message is put out to those who are listed at that time and only that time, then I will release. 

The seclusion is a beautiful place!    I Should be so lucky to be here!  Its not a dark hole or a dungeon but a place a peace and the sun set and sunrise remind me of the gift of life and the experiences that I am allowed in this dimension.  Which some I have yet to have.  I have neglected myself for others to help them.   My only regret is that I put myself last.  To the point of nothing sometimes.  My needs and dreams are only thoughts that I have and enjoy in my moments of aloneness.  My basic needs are always met and I am thankful for that.  But I have these dreams, feel good dreams, ballroom dancing symphony music, filling my whole being, focusing on myself, my health, more comfort for the animals, never needing or worrying again about anything, only what I want and desire.   

That beautiful house that I can call my own place of refuge – “Sanctuary!!” I don’t require a lot just things for the animals I have in my possession their comfort is important to me and to be able to help those less fortunate, the children who may grow up without the love, compassion or direction from a parent or parents because they are caught up in this template created by society.  They should not be made to feel that they are a problem or inconvenience they are so precious!!!!  All of us are! 

I’ve been brought here for peace protection although some times the keeper is a negative attack which strengthens my energies but too much makes me feel weary though, the angels always bring me up and surround me and remind me that my reward is here in messages thru numbers which I am constantly seeking.   Their companionship and divine guidance seem to be my driving force these days. I am to rest up and heal because the greatest service is upon me.   I am so EXCITED!   BOON!

They are others like me and we are the peace bringers and light bearers with the message that all is not what it seems. There’s love, acceptance, abundance and forgiveness for whatever you’ve done that does not coincide with your higher self.    Its’ everywhere we turn we just have to be open to it and receive it.

I may not ever be a great person in like you know. Presidents, movie stars etc…  but my expression will be remembered and passed on through the handful of other souls that I have come across on the path.  Its uncertain at this time just exactly what I’m doing here but like everyone else this is not just a path of a path.  There is something here to learn, possibly how not to be or how to be. I am that I love on all levels sometimes to much but I’m not totally convinced that too much is too much. I don’t know.  Actually, I do know there is never to much love.  Which comes in many forms.

 I’ll always try to save the world from suffering from; loneliness, sickness and depression, low self-esteem etc. all the human conditions that keep us from living our greatest life!!  Including myself protecting the animals they are pure spirits to me and are not like humans.  They are unconditional and do not stress or worry they just live.  And are happy to do so.  I guess we could learn from them.   And when I see neglect from humans my heart just cries.  I get so sad and I’m not sure why.  I guess everything should be allowed to live this life without suffering on any level.  But to enjoy the planet and its breathtaking beauty.  

The colors, flowers, clouds, the song of birds, the wind rustling the leaves of a forest, the smell of the air on a cold crisp morning.  The sounds and sight of a thunder storm and torrential rain fall or just the soft sound of a sprinkling.  The sound of snow falling and the feeling of freshness as it falls on your face.  Crickets on a hot summer night.  There are some many things that are fabulous and amazing even in the cities that are built the towering buildings the sound of the cold empty streets at night concrete has its own sound its not one of life but solid and it still has a sound like everything that sound is vibration.  The vibrational energy is all around Us, in Us, is Us.

December 28, 2018

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